Dukascopy Bank Review


Dukascopy Bank Review -Basic Features

Here are the basic features of Dukascopy Bank:

Execution: ECN (SWFX Market)

Regulated: FINMA (Swiss) | MiFID (EU)

Found: 1998

US Traders: No

Leverage: 200:1

Instruments: 52 Forex Currencies, Gold and Silver

Platforms: JForex, Java Trader, Web Trader, iPhone, and Android Trader

Automated Trading / Scalping: Yes


What Distinguishes Dukascopy Bank from other ECN Forex Brokers?

i) Very tight spreads (you may trade EUR/USD at even 0.2 pip)

ii) Vast ECN liquidity (200 mio on Forex Majors)

iii) Instant execution and no price manipulation

iv) Variety of Trading Platforms plus Advanced and Stable Trading Technology (SWFX Market)

v) Sophisticated analysis and tools

vi) Professional 24/6 Customer Service

vii) Bank Guarantees

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Account Currencies

Accounts in Dukascopy Bank may be held in 10 currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, JPY, SGD, CAD, AUD, PLN and HKD


Minimum Account Size at Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe

■ The minimum account size for Dukascopy Bank SA is 5,000USD* 

■ The minimum account size for Dukascopy Europe is just 100USD

*Swiss residents can open an account in Dukascopy Bank by depositing less than 5,000 USD.


Trading Account Leverage

■ The maximum leverage available at Dukascopy Bank is 200:1 but clients may adjust to lower levels (for example 20:1).

■ Dukascopy Europe offers leverage 300:1.


Accounts Protection

Dukascopy is regulated by FINMA (Swiss Ministry of Economics) and European MiFID. All Deposits in Dukascopy Bank are protected by the Swiss government up to 100,000 CHF per client account.


Dukascopy Bank / Dukascopy Europe Accounts Funding Methods

Funding Methods include the following:

i) Credit Cards and Debit Cards

ii) Bank Wire Transfers

iii) Bank Guarantees

iv) Custodian Swiss Bank Services

(i) Information about deposits via Credit and Debit Cards

Maestro and Visa Electron are accepted for funding via Debit cards while MasterCard and Visa are accepted for funding via credit cards. The maximum amount accepted through credit / debit cards for security reasons is limited to USD 10,000 EUR/USD. Deposited funds via cards are credited in the trader’s account in the next business day.

Dukascopy Bank SA does not charge fees for funding via cards, but the partner banks are charging fees 2.3% for funding in EUR, GBP, USD, or CHF, and 2.8% for funding in CAD, AUD, or PLN.

(ii) Information about deposits via Wire Transfer

This is the best way to fund your trading account at Dukascopy. Deposited Funds are received by Dukascopy within 1 or 2 business days.

(iii) Information about Bank Guarantees

The bank guarantee funding method allows Dukascopy Bank clients to keep their funds within their trusted bank and access them whenever it is required. The minimum amount accepted as a Bank guarantee is 100,000USD.

Bank Guarantee Fee

1.25% per year

(iv) Custodian Bank Services (Segregated Bank Accounts)

Any trading account may be linked to a Swiss Bank account. By this way, clients may trade directly in the Dukascopy SWFX Market (Swiss Forex Marketplace), without having to make fund transfers directly to Dukascopy. The minimum amount accepted for Custodian Swiss Bank Services is 250,000 USD. Dukascopy Bank is already related with the following Swiss banks:

  • Merrill Lynch Bank S.A. (Suisse)

  • Barclays Bank S.A. (Suisse)

  • Bank CIC

  • EFG Bank S.A.

  • Liechtensteinische Landesbank Ltd.

  • CBH - Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique S.A.


Swap Free Accounts / Islamic Accounts

Swap free accounts are also provided by Dukascopy Bank.

The Extra Fees for SWAP Free Accounts:

i) Forex Trading: The extra fee is 5USD per 1 million USD in addition to the standard volume commission.

ii) Precious Metals Trading: The extra fee is 7.5USD per 1 million USD in addition to the standard volume commission.


Accounts and Services

Here is a table with Dukascopy Bank Services and their minimum account sizes.

Dukascopy Bank Service & Minimum Account

Minimum Account

SWFX Market


Bank Guarantees

Custodian Services (3rd Banks)

















Dukascopy Bank Minimum & Maximum Lot Size

Minimum Lot Size

The minimally acceptable order sizes at Dukascopy Bank are:

i) 1,000 units of the primary currency for Forex Trading

ii) 1 unit (1 ounce) for gold trading

iii) 50 units (50 ounces) for silver trading

Maximum Lot Size

There is no maximum lot size at Dukascopy Bank the only limitations concern the client marginal requirements and the total available liquidity of the system (which is normally huge). 


Dukascopy Bank Trading hours

These are the Trading Hours (Summer / Winter) regarding the great majority of Financial Instruments:

■ Summer Trading Hours: from Sunday, 21:00 GMT to Friday, 21:00 GMT.

■ Winter Trading Hours: from Sunday, 22:00 GMT to Friday, 22:00 GMT.


Participation in the Dukascopy Rebate Plan (30% Rebate for the 1st Month)

You can take advantage of the Dukascopy Rebate by opening an account with Dukascopy Bank and at the end of the online registration procedure to specify at the field “Know us from:” the choice “Introducing Agent (IAID)” and later in the following field specify 8410 as your introducing agent.

■ 8410 for Dukascopy Bank  –Minimum Deposit 5,000 USD  Register at Dukascopy Bank -Step 6/6 Select Introducing Agent and then Indicate ‘Known us from’ 8410

■ 8411 for Dukascopy Europe -Minimum Deposit 100 USD ► Register New Account at Dukascopy Europe (Step 6/6 Select Introducing Agent and at the field ‘Known us from’ enter the code 8411)


1. You must contact us to confirm your participation (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

2. In addition you can claim 10% Equity Bonus by Dukascopy

» Start a New Account with Dukascopy Europe and Claim your 30% Bonus for the 1st Month


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Dukascopy Bank Review


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