Forex-Rebates.com offer $6/lot rebate when opening an account with XM. Our rebate plans are completely compatible with all XMGroup promotions including welcome, bonus, no-deposit bonus, loyalty rewards, trading contests etc.

 At a glance:

  • $30 Non-Deposit Trading Bonus for new clients
  • The two-tier deposit bonus offers 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and 20% deposit bonus up to $5,000 to all clients
  • The XM Loyalty Program, which offers XM Points that can be redeemed for credit
  • A Free VPS for all XM clients who maintain a balance $5,000

Forex-rebates.com Cashback is $6.0 / lot and you may claim it in addition to all the following promotions from XM Group

» Open an Account with XMGroup via this Rebate Link and claim your $6.0 / lot rebate manually from Forex-Rebates.com


(1) XM Group 50% Bonus

The XM Group credit bonus is a two-tier bonus offering 50% up to $500 and 20% up to $5,000. What is amazing is that this credit bonus can support your trading activity even in the negative account balance. Most Forex brokers withdraw their credit bonus in case of negative balances but thankfully not XM Group.

  • 50% Credit Bonus up to $500
  • and then 20% Credit Bonus up to $5,000
  • Instant credit for any client deposit
  • Supports negative account balance
  • The XM 50% Credit Bonus is available on all XM account types except XM Zero Accounts

(2) XM Group Loyalty Program

The loyalty program offers the opportunity to all XM Group clients to earn points that can be redeemed for credit rewards.

Loyalty Statuses

All XM Group clients start at Executive Status and then they upgrade as they trade more. With each Status upgrade you may earn more and more loyalty points (XMP). The more XMP points you earn the more credit bonus you may redeem.


(3) XM Group Free VPS

A VPS is considered a ‘must’ for all Forex traders using Expert Advisors (EAs). XM Group offers a free VPS hosting service to all traders deposit and maintain $5,000 USD or more.

  • Trading 24/7 in MT4
  • Optical Fibre Connectivity
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Located 1.5km away from XM London’s data center
  • Windows 2012 Server (0.6GHZ CPU, 1.5 GB RAM, 20 GB Hard Drive)
  • Requires a minimum amount of Equity $5,000 and 5 round turn lots trading per month
  • You may request a free VPS anytime

XM clients who do not meet the necessary criteria can still request a VPS from the Member’s Area for $28 per month.

(4) $30 No Deposit Bonus

XM Group offers $30 no-deposit bonus for all new clients (you have just to confirm your account)

  • Equivalent to 20 GBP / 25 EUR
  • No deposit from the trader is required
  • Automatically credited in any account

Participating the Free XM Group Trading Rebate Plan ($6/lot)

Two simple steps to receive this great XM rebate and limit your trading cost:

STEP-1: Open an Account with XM using the Forex-Rebate.com Rebate Link that follows

► Register here a new account (Rebate-Link)

STEP-2: Send us an email with your full name, country of origin and your XM account number. You will get a response within one business day and then you can deposit funds

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