HotForex Trading Spreads

These are the basic spreads and Swap values when trading with HotForex. Note that the brokerin order to provide the tightest possible spreads quotes major Forex pairs to five decimal places (0.00000).

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1) Currenex Spreads

These are the Currenex Spreads offered by HotForex. The Currenex account starts from $500 deposit while some trading commissions are charged.

Forex Pair



1.3 pip


1.4 pip


1.2 pip


2.3 pip


0.8 pip


1.5 pip


1.4 pip


3.5 pip


1.5 pip


1.5 pip


2.4 pip


0.7 pip


14 pips


1.0 pip


3.8 pip


11 pips


0.4 pip


1.8 pip


2.0 pip


2.1 pip


1.5 pip


5.0 pip


1.0 pip


1.6 pip


1.4 pip


0.9 pip


0.9 pip


4.0 pip


2.0 pip


13 pips


0.7 pip


22 pips


2.3 pip


4.0 pip


30 pips


1.2 pip


30 pips

Note: The Currenex Spread may change anytime 

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HotForex Promotions (Welcome Bonus and Trading Contests)

HotForex offers some of the best Forex Trading Promotions in the industry. You may find very high welcome bonus up to 100% and a great number of contests. What is fantastic is that you can take advantage of a welcome bonus or any other ordinary promotion and at the same time to participate the huge HotForex Rebate Plan. No conflicts between the Bonus Policy and Our Rebate. This combination of Bonus & Rebate generates an excellent opportunity for Increased Funds via the bonus and decreased Trading Cost via our Huge Rebate. No future HotForex Client should miss that chance for no reason.

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(1) HotForex Welcome Bonus

(1.1) 100% Welcome Bonus in Addition to HotForex Plan

The 100% Bonus is matching your deposit. It can be withdrawn based on some volume-generated restrictions. The volume requirements in order to withdraw the bonus concern one standard lot traded per 1USD of bonus as concerns Forex Trading and Silver Trading. Moreover 10 lots traded per 1USD as concerns Gold Trading, Oil Trading, and Stocks & Indices Trading. 

1. May be used from the start as an Increased Leverage

2. You can withdraw the bonus if the volume conditions

3. You may take advantage of our Rebate Plan at the Same Time this Bonus Offering (no conflicts)

(1.2) 30% Rescue Bonus

This Rescue Bonus aims to protect any trader’s account from unpleasant drawdown periods. The Rescue Bonus may be used without limitations. 

1. May be used as Increased Leverage and Protect from a Margin Call or a Stop Out

2. You may withdraw the 30% Rescue Bonus under Policy.

3. You may take advantage of the Plan at the Same Time this Rescue Bonus Offering (no conflict)

*The terms and conditions of any Bonus Policy may change so you are advised to check always for updated information via the HotForex Official Web-Site.

(2) HotForex Trading Contests and Awards

These are the Main HotForex Contests.

(2.1) HotForex VIP Contest

The winner of HotForex VIP Contest will receive an expensive trip along with a selected friend.

(2.2) HotForex Demo Contest

The HotForex Demo Contest is an excellent opportunity to gain some extra cash with zero-risk.

(2.3) HotForex Traders Awards

The best Trader for a Year receives 1,000USD in cash prizes.

(2.4) HotForex Rolex Contest          

This is a Real Trading Contest. The winner gets an expensive Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner.

(2.5) Top Affiliate Competition

The Top Affiliate Contest offers 2,000USD cash each month for the best HotForex Partner.

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