Tallinex Welcomes US TradersForex-Rebates.com offers up to 0.4 pip rebate when trading with the ECN / STP Forex broker Tallinex. The broker welcomes US Traders. Here is some information about Tallinex 0.6 pip rebate.

Our Rebates:

  • 0.4 pip on ECN-MICRO (PAMM Included)
  • 0.1 pip on ECN-PRO (PAMM included)

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Who is Tallinex?

Tallinex is an ECN Forex Broker that welcomes traders from the US. The broker uses as its main liquidity source the PrimeXM FX bridge. Tallinex offer tight spreads on ECN Pro Account and very efficient Overnight Rollover Rates. Furthermore, Tallinex offer a Free VPS hosting and PAMM accounts.

  • ECN Execution (allowing scalping)
  • PrimeXM FX bridge as Liquidity Source
  • Spreads as low as 0.75 pips and efficient SWAP rates
  • Automated Trading, Scalping and Free VPS
  • PAMM Accounts

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SignalTrader Automated Trading System

Forex-Rebates.com offers $3.0 / full-traded Lot Rebate when Trading with SignalTrader {US traders included}

» Signal Trader Home

Introduction to SignalTrader

SignalTrader is a fully automated trading system that connects traders, brokers and signal providers. Any trader worldwide can participate and that includes US traders. SignalTrade offers a great variety of sub trading systems that have been selectively added. Each individual sub-system is monitored and managed by a team of traders who trade their own money. A free demo of the automated system is available for all traders. This is Signaltrader at a glance:

  1. Fully automated copy trading via Signal Providers
  2. Traders from all over the world can join (including US)
  3. Combine automated and manual trading in the same account
  4. Monitor your copy-trading activity via your own MT4, even from your mobile device
  5. Adjust manually your copied signals anytime (modify, close or partially close them)
  6. Adjust your Mirroring Ratio
  7. Free demo registration to test any available system
  8. Live Chat support is available

The Asset Index you may Trade via SignalTrader

SignalTrader includes any financial instrument such is Foreign Exchange, Equities, Precious Metals, Energies and soft commodities.

» Signal Trader Home

How Signal Trader Actually Works

Every feature of SignalTrade is designed in a way to be easily understood even by beginners. You don’t even need a Forex broker account to start trading with SignalTrader. The system already corporates with many brokers and provides access to their trading rooms. Most importantly you can test and evaluate SignalTrade by opening a risk-free Demo Account.


The Free SignalTrader Demo Account

Using the below link you may open a Demo Account with SignalTrader  for free:

» Signal Trader demo account

Once you open a SignalTrader Demo you may select the trading system you wish to follow.

  • Select your Trading System
  • Set-up your mirror ratio
  • Demo works in real-time and in real conditions
  • No deposit is required

The SignalTrader Mirror Ratio

The mirror ratio defines the proportion of trading for each system you wish to follow.

For example:

■ If you set Mirror-Ration 1:1 (*1), your trades will have an equal size as any trade executed by any following system.

■ If you set Mirror-Ratio 2:1 (*0.2 ), your trades will be doubled compared to the size of any trade executed by the following system.

■ If you set Mirror-Ratio  1:2 (*0.5 ), your trades will be half the size of any trade executed by the following system.

Compare the Performance of Different Systems

If you wish to compare different systems based on their performance simply go to the ‘settings’ and select ‘systems’.

Evaluate your Performance in your Demo Account

If you have selected some systems and already copied some trades, you can evaluate your current performance, simply by going to ‘My demo account’. There you may check your results in Real Time.

» Signal Trader Demos

Live Automated Execution

This function allows traders to open a real Forex Trading Account by selecting a MT4 Forex broker. Afterwards you can start trading with real money.

When a trade is executed, traders are able in monitor it in real time and review also all the opened and closed positions so far.

The Advantages of SignalTrader

These are the key advantage of SignalTrader :

  • It enables fully automated trading without any need for a costly VPS hosting service
  • It offers monitoring and comparisons between different signal providers
  • It incorporates the mirror ratio which can be used as a money management tool
  • The whole trading experience is very easy and there is no need to download and to install any software
  • Traders can manually adjust any trade and that means modify or partially close any opened position via their own MT4 platform
  • You may combine SignalTrader auto-trades with your own manually trading activity (via MT4)


Trade with SignalTrader and Get $3.0 / lot Rebate

Forex-Rebates.com offers $3.0 / full-traded Lot Rebate when Trading with SignalTrader. US traders are included in our offer.

$3.0 / full-traded Lot

Paid Monthly via Paypal or Skrill

US clients are included

Just open an account via the following links and then » Contact Us

» Signal Trader Home | » Signal Trader Demo Account 


SignalTrader Rebate



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