Dukascopy Trading Contests


Dukascopy Bank is famous for its Real and Demo Forex Trading Contests. Here are some popular contests from Dukascopy:


1. Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest (Weekly)

The winner of this contest must forecast the impact of news on the price of Forex Currencies.


2. Dukascopy Technical Analysis Contest (Monthly)

The winner of this contest must forecast Forex Currency fluctuations based on Technical Analysis.


3. Dukascopy Automated-Strategy Contest (Monthly)

This is an Automated Forex Trading Contest. The winner must design the most profitable automated Forex trading strategy (Expert Advisor).


4. Dukascopy Signal Provider Grand Prix (Quarterly)

This is a Trading-Performance contest –The winner must show the higher long-term results.


5. Dukascopy Trader Contest (Monthly)

The contest in a Forex trading atmosphere and discussions with other Dukascopy traders.


6. Dukascopy Social Trading Contest (Monthly)

This is a Copy-Trading Contest –Copy profitably the signals provided by other traders, and win.


7. Dukascopy Other (No-Trading) Contests (Quarterly)

Dukascopy offers also a number of other no-trading contests, for example, the Dream Contest – It provides the chance to share your dreams and maybe see them happen. A very innovative idea and nice.


8. Dukascopy Equity Bonus -Up to $50,000

Dukascopy offers 10% equity bonus up to $50,000. Any bonus must be covered by trade volume {30,000 X Total Equity Value} for it to be withdrawn. The maximum bonus amount that can be awarded to each client is $50,000. 


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Dukascopy Trading Contests


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