HotForex Trading Platforms Review 

HotForex provides a wide selection of Desktop and Mobile Forex Trading Platforms. You may find the popular MT4 with and an additional MutiTerminal version, an easy-to-use WebTrader plus the FIX/API Platform specially designed to meet the trading needs of Forex pros. Mobile Trading includes apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and a Windows Smartphone Trader. In this article you may find also information about the HotForex free VPS Hosting service.

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1. HotForex WebTrader Platform

The HotForex WebTrader offers easy trading for beginners and semi-advanced traders. The interface is user-friendly while the whole trading experience is highly customizable in order to fit any individual needs. A lot of features are incorporated such is the order management and advanced charting capabilities. The WebTrader platform is web-based and there is no need for downloading and installing any kind of software. The HotForex WebTrader is actually based on the popular Adobe Flash.

HotForex Web Trader Characteristics:

1. 100% Web-Based (Run in any Internet Browser)

2. Common Login and password with your MT4 account

3. Ability to open positions within the WebTrader and close them within the MetaTrader4

4. Multi-Lingual trading experience

5. The HotForex WebTrader may be used in any Windows, Linux or Macintosh personal computer

2. HotForex MetaTrader4 Platform

The MetaTrader4 platform is certainly an Industry Standard as concerns the Forex Industry. The HotForex MetaTrader4 platform provides some extra advantages for its users, for example there are additional trade execution features.

HotForex MetaTrader4 Characteristics:

1. Enhanced Charting Capabilities and Trading Analysis

2. Automated Trading and Scalping Allowance

3. Develop and use your own Forex Robot (Expert Advisor)

4. Allowing Stop-Loss Orders

5. Multi-lingual Trading Experience

6. Analytical Trading Tools

7. News feeds and Alerts

8. Real-Time Summary and Daily Statements

3 HotForex MT4 Multi-Terminal Platform

The Multi-Terminal trading platform offers the chance of managing many separate trading accounts in one single platform. All the pre-mentioned MetaTrader4 features are included in the Multi-Terminal MT4.

HotForex Multi-Terminal Characteristics:

1. Supports Unlimited Accounts Number

2. Runs on Windows-Based PCs (above Windows 98)

3. Provides Multiple Trading Orders

4. Monitor Trading History

5. Manage Trading Activity in Real-Time

6. Live Price Feeds

4. HotForex Rapid-Trader Platform (FIX/API)

The Rapid-Trader is a FIX / API trading platform designed to meet the needs of Forex Professional Traders. Note that this platform is not for the average trader as the minimum balance to use the FIX protocol is 50,000USD.

HotForex FIX/API Platform Characteristics:

1. Can be used with Automated Systems others than MetaTrader4

2. Enhanced Trading Orders

3. Allows the Integration of Forex Trading and Corporate Treasury Systems

4. Automation of Price Quotes

5. Management of Order-Routing

6. The Account Balance required in order to use this FIX / API System must remain constantly above $50K

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5. HotForex Mobile Trading

HotForex offers a great variety of Mobile Trading Apps. There are individual applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry and a Windows Mobile Smartphone Trader.

5.1 HotForex iPad & iPhone Traders

HotForex offers separate apps for iPad and iPhone mobile devices. Mobile Traders may enjoy maximum functionality and some additional advantages.

1. Multiple Orders including Stop-Loss, Take-Profit and Pending Orders

2. Monitor your Trading History

3. Tick-Chart may be viewed in Real Time

4. 1-Click-Trading

5. Price Quotes in Real Time

6. Customizable Screen

7. RSS News Feed

8. Upcoming News and Events Calendar

9. Pip Calculator

10. Personal Contact Page.

5.2 HotForex Android MT4 Mobile Trader

The HotForex MT4 Android App can be used in both tablet and mobile Android Devices. Note that the Android App requires Android 2.1 version or higher.

1. Works in all Android Tablet and Mobile Devices

2. Multiple Trading Orders including Pending Orders

3. Enhanced Technical Analysis

4. 20+ Technical Indicators

5. Real-time Tick Charts & Trading

6. Monitor Performance in Real-Time

7. Monitor Trading History

5.3 HotForex Blackberry Mobile Trader

The Blackberry Trader requires Blackberry Operating System 5.0 or higher. These are the main features:

1. Secure and Stable Forex Trading

2. Real-time Price Monitoring of a wide Number of Financial Assets

3. Charting Capabilities

4. News Feeds from IBTimes

5. Manage Positions and Equity

6. Generate Trading Activity Reports

5.4 HotForex Windows Smartphone Trader

The SmartPhone MT4 App is designed for Windows and Pocket PC (2 different Installers). It requires Windows Mobile for 2003 SE or Windows Mobile 5 or later versions up to MS Windows Mobile version 6.5. Note that the smartphone trader isn’t compatible with Palm OS and Symbian devices.

1. Advanced Charting

2. Technical Analysis and Tools

3. 30 Indicators Available

4. Multi-lingual Trading Environment

5. News Feeds

6. Secure Trading

Free VPS for Automated Trading

HotForex provides a free VPS for new and existing clients. The VPS Hosting is a service required exclusively by traders who are using Automated Forex Systems such are Expert Advisors. Note that in order to enjoy the free VPS Hosting you must deposit $5,000 or more.

These are some Features of the HotForex Free VPS Service:

1. Offers free VPS Hosting 24/5

2. Use your desired Expert Advisor (compatible with all Expert Advisors)

3. The VPS may be used in Several Asset Classes such is Forex, Metals, energy etc.

4. For deposits over $8,000 there is also an Advanced VPS for free

5. Access the VPS from anywhere with High Safety

Technical Features of HotForex VPS Hosting:

i) 20GB Hard-Disk Space

ii) 2.2 GHZ CPU Speed

iii) 0.5 GB RAM

iv) Unlimited Bandwidth

v) Tutorials How to Connect with MT4

Note that normally the HotForex VPS Hosting costs $30/month and the Advanced VPS Hosting costs $50/month.

■ Standard VPS Free for deposits more than $5,000

■ Advanced VPS Free for deposits more than $8,000

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