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10 Key Forex Trading Tips

(1) Choose only among High-Regulated Brokers (ECN/STP Brokers) offering narrow Spreads
(2) Take advantage of a Trading Rebate / Forex Bonus
(3) Test a Demo Account before you Trade for Real Money
(4) If you are a Beginner Prefer Micro-Lots before moving to Standard-Lots
(5) Focus on the most Liquid and the most Volatile Forex Pairs
(6) Follow Mid-Trends and Run your Profits
(7) Don't get Emotional with your Trades and don’t monitor them all the time
(8) If you trade Intraday -Trade Session Overlaps and Prefer to trade in the Middle of the Week
(9) Never Forget to place a Stop-Loss Order, and do not place it too close
(10) Use Leverage wisely, leverage can be a friend and an enemy too

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