Dukascopy Trading Platforms & Trading Orders Review

Dukascopy offers a good variety of trading platforms covering all Forex Trading Styles (Intraday, Short, and Long-Traders). Clients may trade using Manual and Automated methods. All Dukascopy platforms enjoy access to the SWFX Market (Swiss Forex Marketplace). But first, let’s review the trading orders available at Dukascopy.

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Dukascopy Trading Orders

All Dukascopy trading platforms include the following orders:

1. Market Order

2. Limit Order

3. Stop Order

4. Take Profit Order

5. Stop-Loss Order / Stop Limit Order

6. Trailing Stop Order

7. Place Bid / Offer

8. OCO Order (One-Cancels-the-Other)

9. IFD Order (If-Done-Order)

10. Slippage Control Order


Dukascopy Trading Platforms

1. JForex Trading Platform (Automated / Manual Trading)

JForex is an innovative platform developed in-house by Dukascopy offering both manual and automated trading capabilities. Traders using JForex may develop and test their own strategies or incorporate trading strategies from other providers. Trading strategies in JForex are programmed in a Java environment. Traders may also take advantage of integrated technical analysis tools and also open/close positions directly from JForex charts (trading-from-charts). Here are some of JForex's unique characteristics:

i) Automated trading strategy visualization

ii) Historical backtest analysis via real tick data

iii) 180+ Forex trading indicators

iv) Full market depth

v) Offer and Bidorders directly to the market

vi) Supports multiple Operating Systems (Windows PC, Mac, Linux, etc.)

2. Java Platform (Manual Trading)

The Dukascopy Java platform is designed exclusively for manual trading. Various technical analysis tools and market research are included and fully integrated into the Dukascopy Java platform.

3. Web Trading Platform (Manual Trading / Instant Market Access)

The Dukascopy Web Trader offers instant market access via manual trading. It includes updates and market depth. In addition, it provides market research, position management, and a multi-lingual interface.

4. Dukascopy Mobile Traders

Dukascopy offers trading via iOs and Android mobile devices including the SWFX market and a full set of technical analysis tools and trading features.

(i) Dukascopy Mobile Trader for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)

(ii) Dukascopy Mobile Trader for Android

5. MetaTrader4 using 3rd Party Bridges

Dukascopy clients can also use 3rd party bridges to trade Forex using the popular platform MetaTrader4. The advantage is that traders can still gain full access to the SWFX Market.

6. FIX API Platform

Dukascopy provides also API Trading capabilities. The available API is based on the protocol FIX4.4. The Dukascopy API can receive real-time data but also execute, submit, modify, and cancel trading orders.


Compare Dukascopy Trading Platforms

Here is a basic comparison of Dukascopy Trading Platforms and their Features:

Platforms & Features


JAVA Trader

Web Trader

Apple Trader



Offer & Bid Orders

Automated Trading





Technical Analysis

News and Analytics

1-Click Trading

Trailing-Stop Orders

Multi-Lingual Interface


Hedging Support

Slippage Control




Customize Settings



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