Forex Rebates -Frequently Asked Questions


Joining a Trading Rebate Program is essential for all advanced Forex Traders, Day-Traders, Scalpers, etc. provides traders with the chance to earn money simply from their trading volumes. That is considered important especially for those traders executing large numbers of trades, on a daily basis.

A trading rebate can make the difference between winning and losing when you trade Forex. Even tiny commissions per trade can accumulate into huge profits in the long run. Forex trading is all about taking advantage of tiny price fluctuations using high capital leverage. A trading rebate makes this whole speculation process much more profitable.

A trading rebate is a ‘must’ for all those who want to trade like Professionals, and especially for all automated-Forex traders


(1) How Programs Actually Work

Joining one of our Forex rebate programs is really simple and transparent. You just have to select a broker and then follow the simple instructions for opening a new account. We partner with tens of ECN, STP, and CFD brokers, but we focus our programs only on those brokers offering real safety of money and the best terms to trade Forex. After you have joined one of our plans you start earning a pre-determined commission for each trade you place. It is that simple.

■ partners only with Reliable and Secure Forex Companies

■ Most of our rebate plans are providing automatic payments

■ Manual payments are made via Paypal or Skrill

■ 100% Free of any charge / No Time Limits

■ We never add extra spreads to our clients as some other Introducing Brokers do

■ All our trading rebate plans can be combined with Welcome Bonus, Free Bonus, Trading Contests, etc. without any problems

(2) How can we Offer a Rebate to Traders –Where that money comes from?

We partner with tens of reliable and large Forex companies. Those companies offer us commissions as an incentive to refer new traders to them. We are paid a commission for each trade placed by any client introduced by us. The greatest portion of this commission is passed to our clients in the form of a trading rebate. That is the simple mechanism behind a trading rebate.

It is win-to-win situation for the broker, for us, and especially for the Forex traders

(3) How Much can a Trader Earn?

There is no limit, you can even many thousands of US dollars on a monthly basis. In general, any rebate earnings are calculated based on four (4) main factors:

(1) The Forex Broker that is chosen (your call)

(2) The Forex Assets that you commonly trade

(3) The Volume that you Trade on each asset

(4) The Frequency of your Trading Activity

(4) How Monthly Rebates are paid to Traders?

As concerns, most of our plans, the rebates earned by traders get transferred automatically to their trading account (Automatic Rebates). If the automatic option is not available through the broker selected, then the rebate amount is deposited manually (Manual Rebates). For making things easy we support Paypal and MoneyBookers.

■ Automatic Rebates in the Trader's Account, or

■ Manual Rebates via Paypal, Neteller, and MoneyBookers Skrill

(i) Automatic Rebates -When you get Paid your Rebate?

□ Payments are made directly to your trading account. Automatic rebates are deposited either on a daily or a monthly basis according to the broker you have selected.

(ii) Manual Rebates -When you get Paid your Rebate?

□ Payments are made via PayPal or MoneyBookers at the end of each month

□ There is a minimum amount transfer of $10, but don’t worry all rebate amounts are accumulated. If the rebate of a month is less than $10, for example, $5, and the rebate for the second month is $6, then you get paid $11 at the end of the second month. There is no time limit. You can stop and start trading anytime and your accumulated rebate remains valid.

In any case you will never lose either a cent of your Trading Rebate and that is absolutely guaranteed

Available Payment Methods for your Rebates

Note: When you join one of our rebate-plans, your bonus, spreads, and trading conditions are not changed. The only difference is that you will be able to receive cash-back rebates from each trade you execute, all other trading parameters remain the same.

(5) How can I Start in order to Join Rebate Plans?

First of all, you must choose your broker. We partner with tens of Forex Brokers but our rebate plan is focused only on those brokers that are offering really good terms when trading Forex.

(1) If the broker of your choice offers automatic rebates then you don’t have to do anything more than registering via our Referral Link and following the instructions for confirmation.

(2) If the broker of your choice offers manual rebates then you must again register via our Referral Link and then contact us for confirmation via email:

It is recommended not to deposit any funds before contacting us and confirming your participation in our rebate program




Don’t forget that we partner with a great number of Forex Companies (more than 25 Forex Brokers, and a dozen more Binary Options Brokers). Try us today, you have nothing to lose. ► Contact us for Special Deals 


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Forex Rebates -Frequently Asked Questions

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