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What is a Forex VPS?

A VPS operates as a virtual machine offering reliable and fast execution, and unstoppable operation 24x7x365 when applying automated-trading strategies. VPS hosting offers a combination of hardware and software that can be accessed remotely by any other computer via the internet.

Brokers offering a Free VPS Hosting

Who should use a Forex VPS Service?

(1) Traders implementing automated strategies (Expert Advisors or else Forex Robots)

(2) Those using a copy-trading subscription service (via MT4, MT5, etc.)

(3) Those who travel a lot and need to control remotely complicated trading processes

Why Traders Use a Forex VPS?

There are many good reasons for using a Forex VPS

  • Allows the use of Expert Advisors on a 24/7 basis
  • Allows the unstoppable use of copy trading subscription services
  • Helps traders to trade faster (Network latency -given the VPS is located closer to Forex broker’s servers)
  • Protects the trading process against any hardware failures
  • Allows remote control which is essential for traders who travel a lot
  • Increases safety and provides scheduled backups

Key Questions/Points to Consider When Selecting a VPS Hosting

  • What do you get in terms of hardware? (CPU, Hard Disk, Memory)
  • Where is the location of the VPS -Is it close to your broker's servers? (Very important for minimizing latency)
  • What is the Uptime of the VPS? (Good is 99% uptime)
  • Is the VPS Compatible with your Trading Platform and your Expert Advisor?
  • Can you scale in the Future? (Add more resources)

Find Here Forex Brokers offering a Free VPS Hosting


What is a Forex VPS?

Investing in Stocks


With the European markets closing higher for days, this year is already offering a great amount of excitement to investors all around the world. Based on the latest reports from top European broker, after the widely-controversial Brexit vote defeat, Italy’s UniCredit stock gained around 6 percent on the news and it seems determined to remain one of Eurozone’s stock market best performers.


UniCredit – Overview

UniCredit is an Italian global banking and financial services company which was founded in 1998, after the merge of the Unicredito Italiano Group banks. It operates through the following segments:

  • The CEE segment - the main focus is on international financial banking services.
  • The CIB segment – the main focus is on structured finance, corporate banking, investment products, and capital markets; as well as on transactions, financial, and advisory services to multinational corporate customers.
  • The Non-core segment – focuses on risk mitigation of certain assets of Commercial Banking Italy.
  • The Asset Gathering segment – the main focus is on wealth management.
  • The Governance & Group Corporate Centre segment – focuses on global banking services and other global functions.

Read more: Should the UniCredit Stock be your next pick?

LQDFX offers a 100% welcome bonus for all deposits above $250. The promotion refers to all account types and you can withdraw the full bonus after completing certain volume requirements.

Claim your 100% Forex Bonus from here..► CLAIM HERE YOUR 100% BONUS


These are the basic terms and condition for receiving the promotion:

  • The minimum deposit amount to qualify for the 100% bonus is $250 per deposit
  • The maximum bonus per trading account is 20,000 USD/EUR
  • The Bonus Value is calculated as $5 USD per full round turn lot traded on FX & Gold products
  • The minimum lot size for the qualifying positions is 0.1 lot
  • The minimum duration for the qualifying positions is 3 minutes
  • The bonus can be withdrawn after completing the volume requirements


LQDFX offers 5 account types: an ECN, a VIP, and 3 commission-free trading accounts. The maximum trading leverage is 500:1. However, the ECN account offers leverage up to 300:1, and the VIP account 100:1. In addition, there is also a swap-free account, for Islamic traders.

The LQDFX offers 71 Forex pairs, 11 indices, and 4 popular commodities. Due to the location of the headquarters base (Marshall Islands), LAQFX is not under any regulation. However, the broker offers full client bank account segregation.



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