Dukascopy 100% Anniversary Bonus up to 10,000 USD –Full Conditions

Dukascopy is celebrating its 10-year online anniversary and offer its clients 100% Bonus of the account equity. Dukascopyclients can apply for the 100% Bonus for 30 days since their last credit on their account.


General Conditions regarding the Dukascopy Bonus

(1) The 100% Bonus can be used both for Forex and CFD trading

(2) The Anniversary Bonus can be tested on a demo account before trading for real money (both Forex and CFD trading)

(3) The bonus is activated from “My Account Report”

► Register New Account at Dukascopy Europe (low minimum deposit and easy documentation)

 Register at Dukascopy Bank (minimum account $5,000)

Volume Conditions regarding the Dukascopy 100% Anniversary Bonus

(1) Conditions on traded volume must be met within one (1) year after the Dukascopy Bonus is credited on trader’s account

(2) Any withdrawal from the trader’s account before the required traded volume is met will cancel the Dukascopy Bonus

(3) The required traded volume is equal to 50'000 multiplied by the total account equity (including the Dukascopy Bonus amount)

(4) In case the trader has applied for an additional Bonus the required traded volume will be adjusted

(5) Before applying for the Dukascopy Bonus, the required traded volume will be displayed in the application form.

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Dukascopy Bonus Limitations

(1) Before the required traded volume is reached the Dukascopy Bonus cannot be used to cover losses resulting from trading

(2) As soon as the Dukascopy Bonus is obtained the minimum stop loss level of the account will be set on the level equal to the total amount of all obtained Bonuses

(3) The Dukascopy Bonus cannot be withdrawn till Bonus requirements are met.

Dukascopy 100% Bonus Amount

(1) The amount of the initial Dukascopy Bonus can be increased if there is a new incoming deposit

(2) The total amount of active Dukascopy Bonuses cannot exceed 10'000 USD per trading account


(i) The previous Dukascopy Equity Bonus Program and Discount Program are still available for Dukascopy clients.

(ii) Traders can open an account at Dukascopy Europe instantly by using scanned documents

► Register New Account at Dukascopy Europe (low minimum deposit and easy documentation)

 Register at Dukascopy Bank (minimum account $5,000)


■ Dukascopy 100% Bonus 


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