Using this unique offer you can trade Forex and receive back 20% of the total commissions when you are trading with the top ECN broker Dukascopy.

■ 20% of the total commissions paid for the 1st month of trading. This Forex promotion is 100% free to sign and does not include any hidden fees of commissions. You may combine this offer with 10% Equity Bonus from Dukascopy.

Easy Registration / No-Time Limits

100% Free to Sign / No Fees or Commissions Later

20% Rebate during the 1st month while your trading experience is not affected unfavorably in any way

10% additional Equity Bonus from Dukascopy (under the policy you can withdraw it)

Profit generated simply from your trading volumes

Joining our Forex Trading Rebate is Simple

Joining this Forex Rebate is easy. Simply register an account using the following "Open Live Account" links and during the final steps of the process when you are asked where you "Know us from", select ‘Introducing Agent’ and in the field below specify 8410 for Dukascopy.

You may start now using the following link or find more analytical steps later on in this presentation.

(1) Dukascopy, Minimum Deposit $100 –Introducing Agent 8410

Register at Dukascopy -Indicate as ‘Known us from’: 8410


Dukascopy Group Profile & Major Trading Features

Dukascopy is a Swiss Bank and that means that is regulated by the Swiss Ministry of Economics. That means the real safety of your trading funds. Here are more features for Dukascopy:

  1. Year of Foundation: 1998 (Dukascopy Group
  2. Group Headquarters: Switzerland {Dukascopy headquarters are in Latvia (EU)}
  3. US Traders: No | Islamic Accounts: Yes
  4. Execution Type: ECN (SWFX MarketPlace)
  5. Maximum Leverage: 30:1
  6. Asset Index including 52 Forex Currency Pairs plus Gold and Silver Trading
  7. Minimum Trade Size: .01 lots
  8. Minimum Deposit: 100 USD
  9. Deposit Methods: Bank wire | Withdrawal Methods: Bank wire
  10. Account Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, JPY, AUD, and SGD
  11. Expert Advisors: Yes | Scalping: Yes
  12. Platforms: JForex, Java Platform, Web Platform, iPhone / iPad, Android SWFX Trader

Profits from Trading Volumes -Calculations

Let’s assume that a trader opens a trading account with Dukascopy using this offer. 20%

Forex rebate means 20% discount / per one roundtrip lot.

Rebate Calculations / Month:

One pip traded equals on average about $10 USD.

If a trader deposits 5,000 EUR on a Dukascopy trading account he will probably trade about 20 lots on a monthly basis.

That means 100 lot for a 5,000 EUR account

Monthly: 100 lots X €10 X 20% Rebate = 200 EUR

Joining the Dukascopy 20% Rebate –Analytical Steps

These are the 4 analytical steps in order to register the 20% Dukascopy Rebate:

(i) Visit Dukascopy using this offer link: Register with Dukascopy

(ii) 1st Registration Step-1/6,

Select an Account Type, for example, "INDIVIDUAL TRADER" and later at the field “Kind of Account”, select between a “STANDARD ACCOUNT” or “RETAIL ACCOUNT” (do not select managed account or service provider because these two types of accounts can not benefit from the 20% rebate).

(iii) Final Registration Step-6/6

At the field "KNOWN AS FROM" choose "Introducing Agent" and specify 8410. If you don’t specify that code as your introducing agent, you have not joined the rebate.

■ 8410 for Dukascopy (minimum account 100 USD)

Register at Dukascopy -(Step 6/6 Select Introducing Broker and then Indicate ‘Known us from’ 8410)

(iv) Contact us to confirm your participation at

Why this Rebate Offer is a Winning Opportunity for Forex Traders

Here are some good reasons why this Forex Rebate is a great opportunity for any Forex Trader:

  1. It is a 100% Free Rebate while your spreads and commissions will remain exactly the same
  2. You get 20% Cash Back while your Trading experience will not be affected unfavorably by any way
  3. You can claim also a 10% Equity Bonus from Dukascopy (available at the time of this review)
  4. There are no time limits for our rebate program
  5. Dukascopy Group offers safety for your funds
  6. Dukascopy provides huge liquidity to its clients and that means some of the lowest trading spreads in the whole Forex market
  7. Dukascopy offers state-of-the-art trading technology with minimal slippage and no price manipulation (Real ECN)
  8. Dukascopy's built-in platform JForex offers advanced charting capabilities and full market depth
  9. You may trade 52 currency pairs plus CFDs and Gold and Silver on the spot
  10. Automated Trading, Expert-Advisors, Scalping, Hedging are all allowed and that makes Dukascopy an ideal choice for day-traders and Forex traders using Expert Advisors


This is JForex Trading Platform developed by Dukascopy

Registrations with Dukascopy Group

After the online registration process is completed, Dukascopy will send you an e-mail including instructions for the paper documents you need to complete the whole registration process.

After and when the paper documents are received and approved by Dukascopy your account manager at Dukascopy will send you an account approval containing instructions of how you may deposit/withdraw money from Dukascopy.

Now you may fund your trading account. After funding your account you will receive an email from Dukascopy containing your Client ID, your username, and your password plus a "security code".

Dukascopy, Minimum Deposit $100 –Introducing Agent 8410

Register at Dukascopy (Step 6/6 Select Introducing Broker and then Indicate ‘Known us from’ 8410)

Please don't forget to contact us in order to confirm your participation



Dukascopy Fx Trading Rebate


Contact us today

100% free of charge. Start trading Forex and receive huge rebates for all your trades.

  • 100% Free for Traders / No Limits
  • Intraday Registrations / No Documentation
  • Combine any Rebate Plan with Deposit Bonus


Start from Here..

■ 20% Rebate Plan (1st month)

■ Select at Registration IB 8410

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